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Without further ado, the cover for A Lady Awakened:

Cover for A Lady Awakened

I think it’s just stunning. Love the composition, love the colors, love the overall sumptuousness of it. Love that it’s got some sensuality (her disarranged hair, the swirly patterns on the fabric and swirly title font, and, um, the fact that she’s spilling partway out of her bodice) but that they didn’t go for the standard clinch/shirtless man sensuality markers.

(Not that I’ve got anything against a clinch! I just think they made some unexpected choices and I appreciate that.)

Something interesting is that I thought I would care a lot more about how closely the cover matched the story I wrote. My heroine is a Regency-era widow with a slight build, honey-colored hair, and a perpetual air of severity. If you’d told me ahead of time the cover was going to feature a lush-lipped, dreamy-faced, auburn-haired, buxom model in a shiny green vaguely Victorian dress with no undergarments, I would have thought I was headed for cover fail.

And boy, would I have been wrong :)

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Crawling out of the Cave o’ Nonstop Writing to report that I now have release dates! Release Months, at least. A Lady Awakened makes its bow in January 2012, and A Gentleman Undone follows in June. Approximately 205 days until my mom can read my sex scenes!

(Ohhh, boy. Did I really need that one where he tells her to imagine she’s the queen and he’s the stablehand?)

In other exciting news, I have a lovely new cover quote from the magnificent Eloisa James. Also, I’ve seen the Lady Awakened cover and it is BREATHTAKING. I’ll be posting both those things on my website and giving you more of my impressions in this space soon.

Also to catch you up on: my first experience with copyedits! In which I tear out my hair over whether to change my hero’s name to something more historically plausible! Stay tuned!

In off-topic news, is anyone else watching The Bachelorette? Do you buy this Bentley guy? I guess I’m extraordinarily cynical about reality tv, but I can’t help suspecting that he’s faking his evilness and Bachelorette Ashley is faking her gullibility and subsequent devastation. If she’s genuinely crying as often as the soundtrack would have us believe, then I need to buy stock in whatever waterproof eyeliner she’s using.

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