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My apologies once more to the God of Polite Self-Effacement, if I haven’t already been excommunicated from that church. I’ll try to put a moratorium on “Yay! Someone likes my book!” posts, but there was no earthly way I could let this one pass.

So last Friday I’m at the public library on my lunch hour, checking all the personal accounts we’re not allowed to check at my day job, and I see an email with the subject line “ARC Giveaway Contests.”

My first thought, because this is the ridiculous way my mind works, is that I’ve somehow run afoul of Facebook’s surprisingly strict giveaway regulations and someone’s calling me out on it.

But no. The email is from someone who’s entered the giveaway, and she says, “Please withdraw my name as I already won an ARC from the Smart Bitches/Dear Author podcast last night.”

Um. What?

I open up Smart Bitches in a new window, and by the time the page loads my heartbeat has ramped up to fight-or-flight level. I read:  Podcast… audio problems… Harlequin Presents… Plus, we discuss at length a historical romance that’s coming out in December that we both adored and cannot wait to share with readers.


The Frontal Lobe of Polite Self-Effacement makes a valiant effort:  Hold your horses; they don’t give the title; it might be someone else’s December book; Random House would’ve told you if but NO!  It IS my book!  I know it!  There’s my name in the post tags, and they gave away ARCs, and I already know Jane read & liked it because she said so right here, and the Lobe of Polite Self-Effacement can STICK it!

Now I’m in the library, recall, with no earphones, and so all I can do is stare at the page and wonder what they said. It gets worse:  the family and I have an early flight the next morning, so what with the bustle of last-minute packing, I only have time that night to download the podcast to a flash drive and dash off a quick “OMG did you see this?” email to my agent.

I tried to listen to it on the plane, but between the constant engine noise and the fact I was drugged to the gills (Lorazepam: The Only Way to Fly), I came away with only a general sense that they liked it; they really liked it. Not until the next day did I find a quiet half-hour to set up in a corner of the hotel lobby and listen to the whole thing.

By the end I suspect I was emitting a radioactive glow. Beyond the un-dreamed-of thrill of receiving such enthusiastic early endorsement from two titans of the online romance community*, there’s just such immense satisfaction in hearing – from any individual reader – how your various arrows hit their marks. I wish I could bottle up the experience of listening to that podcast, and pass it out to everybody who creates anything.

There’s a miniature Angel of Polite Self-Effacement on my right shoulder now (he bears some resemblance to gracious & humble Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings), urging me to leave it at that and not link to the podcast, because that would be like bragging.

But on my other shoulder is a tiny Devil of Shameless Self-Promotion (picture a Kardashian, or perhaps Bachelor Jake Pavelka), hopping up and down and screeching, “Link it! Link it! Furthermore, tell them to start at the 8:20 mark so they can skip over all the stuff that’s not about YOU!”

And I’m feeling a bit bad for Jake, who was just booted off The Bachelor Pad, so this round goes to him.

Podcast can be found here.

*For those few blog readers – I know you’re out there! – who don’t follow these things, Dear Author and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books are two hugely important Romance blogs, and for both of them to say not only, “I loved this book,” but “This book is different, and special,” is pretty much the holy grail for a debut Romance author.

Ken Jennings

"I'm not angry, Cecilia. I'm just... disappointed."

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ARC Winner!

I put all your names in the hands of Random.org, and Random picked my final commenter, Rosie N, as the winner.  Rosie, check your email!

Thanks everyone for entering, and for telling me about books you love.  I plan to do more giveaways as we get a little closer to the December release date, so stay tuned.

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Announcing the first giveaway, anywhere, of my Regency historical debut A Lady Awakened! This book won’t be in stores until December 27; won’t be on NetGalley until October or November; won’t even be on Amazon Vine for another month. (ETA: Okay, it began before any other giveaway, but I’ve since learned that Smart Bitches & Dear Author gave away a few ARCs on their 8/18 podcast. Yay, Smart Bitches & Dear Author!)

But you can get it NOW, or at least in time for a leisurely Labor Day-weekend read, if I draw your name from the entries over at my Facebook author page. I’ll be giving away three Advance Reader Copies there in a contest that runs from Tuesday, August 9 through Tuesday, August 23.

Because I know not everyone uses Facebook, I’ll also give away one ARC to a randomly selected commenter on this blog posting. Just leave a comment before midnight August 23. (You can enter both drawings if you like.)

And just to make the comments interesting to read, please *tell me the title of one book, romance or not, that you really love.

*Not a contest requirement. A comment that says “Please enter me in the drawing” and a comment that says “The Tenant of Wildfell Hall” have an equal chance of winning.

This contest is open to readers worldwide. I will mail a book anywhere short of the International Space Station, though I probably won’t spring for the fastest delivery option if the winner happens to live in New Zealand. (Then again, if you live in New Zealand you wouldn’t be hoping to read it over Labor Day anyway, so that’s okay, right?)

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Since I’m already on the outs with the God of Polite Self-Effacement –

My June 2012 release, A Gentleman Undone, has its first cover quote! NYT bestselling author and all-around awesome member of the romance community Madeline Hunter says:

Luscious, erotic, and emotionally intense. Cecilia Grant is a fresh, unforgettable voice in historical romance.

I believe that the brain of the debut author processes these things in stages, and I’m still at the “OMG Madeline Hunter read my book!” stage. Later I’ll get to digesting what she actually said about it.

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