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In what might be my single favorite blog-tour stop, author Rose Lerner and I have a great rambling discussion in which I touch on toilet-paper commercials, the tv shows Revenge and Sherlock, and how many roods of grass 8 men can cut down in 24 days. And I tie it all back to romance! Sort of.

Giving away one copy of A Lady Awakened. Stop by and tell me your favorite tv or movie romance of 2011.

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I’m at As the Pages Turn, giving away more copies of A Lady Awakened and answering questions that interviewers somehow neglected to ask. Includes tiny excerpt snippets from A Lady Awakened and A Gentleman Undone. Also, I tell what kind of food I hate most. (Isn’t that something you wish would be covered in more interviews?)

Stop by and tell me about your own hated foods, and you might win a copy of my book.

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I’m interviewed in the “Debut Author Spotlight” feature at RT Book Reviews. I talk about the challenge of imagining an early-19th-century woman’s point of view, why I wouldn’t classify hero Theo as a rake, and how my next book, A Gentleman Undone, differs from A Lady Awakened.

Stop by and check it out!

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I’m not counting this as a full-fledged blog-tour stop because there’s no giveaway. But author Elizabeth Boyle has this regular feature where she asks other authors to pick five from among a selection of questions, and I’m the Five Things subject today.

Of course I went straight for the question about embarrassing music on my *iPod, because I seem to have a thirst for mortifying public exposure.

*I don’t actually own an iPod. I own a $39.95 off-brand MP3 player that I inherited when one of my kids dumped it for one with more memory, and I only listen to it once in a blue moon. But the embarrassing music referenced is truly on there, as are embarrassing selections from Duran Duran and some other bands I’ve succeeded in blocking from my short-term memory.

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I figured this was bound to happen at some point, and sure enough, it did: I set up a blog-tour stop at Fiction Vixen, and then their reviewer turned out to not like my book. So I’m blogging over there on the topic of When People Don’t Like Your Book. Also giving away a copy – open to international entries, BTW.

Something I find amusing is that the fact that the reviewer didn’t like the book wasn’t nearly as traumatic for me as dealing with the nice person who was setting up my guest spot – I kept worrying about how awkward this must be for her.

You know the Julia Sweeney stage show, God Said, “Ha!”? It’s a monologue about a time in her life when she and her brother both had cancer. Anyway her own cancer is diagnosed as this highly treatable, nothing-to-worry-about form, and she makes one visit to this specialist in this particular cancer who tells her all about it and reassures her of its eminent treatability.

Her treatment goes forward with her regular doctor, and at some point it’s determined that she actually has this other kind of cancer (also highly treatable) rather than the specialist-doctor’s kind. Only she keeps running into the specialist around the hospital, and he’s always wanting to reassure her of how treatable Cancer A is, and she just sort of nods and humors him instead of explaining that she’s actually got Cancer B.

And in her monologue she observes: “That’s how co-dependent I am; I can’t even bring myself to tell the guy that I don’t have his cancer!

That cracks me up because it’s such a perfect, pithy illustration of a certain personality type, which happens to be my personality type as well. Instead of being distressed about the Fiction Vixen reviewer not liking my book, I was thinking, “Oh, my god, this must be so uncomfortable for them to tell me! What can I do to put them at ease?”

When in fact I’m sure this must happen, if not all the time, at least with enough frequency that the bloggers are used to dealing with it.

Anyway that’s the backstory of today’s blog appearance. But we’re talking about well-loved books, movies, etc. that you just Did. Not. Get. So come over and tell me yours!

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