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[By the way, I know the punctuation in this post title is messed up, but I wanted those heavy pauses where the two commas are and so there they are. That’s not representative of the punctuation you find in my books. Mostly.]

I’ve had a peek at the ALA Booklist review (5/1 issue) for A Gentleman Undone, and it’s a good one, with a *star.  I’m hugely relieved by this, since I’m the sort of worrier to whom, given enough time, it begins to seem possible that 100% of reviewers and readers will hate my book.  And furthermore, that those reviewers who loved A Lady Awakened will realize in retrospect that they overrated it, and decide that they now hate that book too.

So it’s nice to already have that good review banked, as release day gets closer.  Even if every other reviewer hates it, at least I’ll know Booklist liked it :)

Anyway here’s the big-finish sentence from the review:

With her second impeccably written, exquisitely sensual historical, Grant proves she suffers from no sophomore slump as she once again shakes up the staid Regency historical world with her refreshingly unconventional, multilayered characters and richly emotional storytelling style.

1) Check it:  “exquisitely sensual.”  You all thought I only wrote bad sex, didn’t you?

2) I feel conflicted about the “shakes up the staid Regency historical world” part.  It sounds a little like “If you don’t like Regency romances, this is the book for you!”  I have to wonder how a reader who likes Regencies just fine, and doesn’t think they’re particularly staid, will take that.

On the other hand, I have to own the degree to which I do try to twist tropes and conventions; the degree to which I’m writing in response to the ubiquity of certain plots and dynamics.  There’s a part of me that’s very pleased to be thought of as “shaking things up.”

♠  ♣  ♥  ♦  ♠  ♣  ♥  ♦  ♠  ♣  ♥  ♦  ♠  ♣  ♥  ♦  ♠  ♣  ♥  ♦  ♠  ♣  ♥  ♦  ♠  ♣  ♥  ♦

In other news, Google Alerts, still letting me know of straggling Lady Awakened reviews, has alerted me to the existence of the blog Femdom Book Reviews, and not a minute too soon.

Surely I’m not the only person demoralized by the mainstream media’s recent flogging (heh) of the idea that women who read romance are uniformly looking to insert themselves into the fantasy of being dominated by an uber-alpha male, preferably a billionaire or vampire (6’5″ minimum if at all possible).

1) Not every woman has that fantasy, and

2) Not every woman reads romance looking for a rendition of what she does fantasize about.  Some of us, at least some of the time, just want to read a compelling story about people falling in love, and, if they have sex, having the sex that works for them.  And when reading that way, the dominant-male thing just plain gets a bit monotonous.

So yay for Femdom Book Reviews, and I’m really honored that they thought my book was worthy of discussion in that context.  And I’m definitely checking out some Joey Hill in 2012.

*I told this (starred review in Booklist) to daughter Seconda, and she said, “Only one star?”  Took the wind briefly out of my sails.

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