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Readers who find it unseemly when an author revels in her success, click away now.

Both A Lady Awakened and A Gentleman Undone turned up on a gratifying number of Best of 2012 lists in the online Romance world.

Lady was named by Romance Around the Corner, The Librarian Reads (check it out, offspring, Mom is on a list with John Green!), Radish Reviews, Erin Satie, Shallowreader, Megan Frampton at Heroes & Heartbreakers, and Jane at Dear Author.

Gentleman got mentions at Insta-Love Book Reviews, Romance Novels for Feminists, Gossamer Obsessions, and Library Journal.

And both books appeared on lists from feminist blogger/romance fan scATX and Dear Author’s Janine and Jennie.

I’ve gone back and forth on the question of how much I should care about this stuff. But I won’t lie: as it is now, I care a whole lot. Writing romance is the first job I’ve ever had that actually felt like a career rather than a way to pay the bills, and so I want very much to be good at it. Reviews, and then lists that say, “Of the many books I read this year, this is one of the ones that made the biggest impression on me” are meaningful measures of whether or not I’m succeeding. (More meaningful to me than Amazon ranking, which tells me people bought my book, but doesn’t tell me whether they thought it was any good.)

So, yeah, I’m gratified. Even though a part of me thinks, “God, what an unbecoming, narcissistic blog post. Also, if you allow yourself to be validated by good reviews and year-end lists, what are you going to do when you release a book that’s roundly panned?”

Anyway, I’m especially gratified to see Ruthie Knox on so many of the same lists, as she was my #1 discovery in 2012. I’m cooking up a post on the topic of “discoverability,” with a list of authors whose books I bought for the first time in 2012 and what made me buy them. It’s reaffirming my opinion, which I know I’ve already recorded here, that Ruthie Knox is just plain doing everything right.

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Here’s the roundup of things I said elsewhere around the release of my second book, A Gentleman Undone.

At Romance at Random I talk about non-romance reading that primed me to love romance.

At Romance Reader at Heart’s Novel Thoughts I celebrate the non-rake, non-rogue, non-scoundrel, straight-up good guy.

At The Dashing Duchesses I answer questions about A Lady Awakened, A Gentleman Undone, and why I love writing bad sex.

At author Theresa Romain’s blog I play favorites with my characters and tell about the tiny piece of research that saved the book when I thought I would have to give it up.

At Bookworm2Bookworm blog I share a deleted scene and talk about why it hit the cutting-room floor.

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