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Today alert reader Karen alerted me to the fact that somewhere on Goodreads, the release date for my holiday novella, A Christmas Gone Perfectly Wrong, is showing as November 1.

This is not correct. I’m not sure how this information could have gotten onto Goodreads (I’m self-publishing the novella, so theoretically I should be the sole source for all info relating to it [though I was delighted to see someone else added the book, with cover image, to my inventory there, because now I don’t have to spend the time figuring out how to do that]), unless they saw that I said it was “coming in November,” and decided to just translate “November” to “November 1.”

So let it be noted that when November 1 comes and goes without my novella releasing, it’s not because I don’t have my act together! It was never supposed to be November 1!

I don’t have an exact release date yet. In my heart of hearts I’d like to not publish it until December, because that’s when Christmas is and I’m grumpy about holiday creep. But realistically, I know that would mean missing out on a big chunk of the holiday-novella-buying season. (Or in my case, holiday-novella-downloading season, since it’s going to be free.) So, some time in November. Maybe right before Thanksgiving. I have to do the formatting and uploading myself, and I’ve heard this often doesn’t go smoothly for first-timers, so I’m reluctant to pick a specific date and then slide past it.

Let me take this moment to say how grateful I am for everyone who’s stayed interested in seeing a new book from me after what I know is an uncommonly long lapse in publication. (For two months now I’ve had a blog post in my “drafts” folder that details some of the life-stuff consuming a lot of my energy over the past year or so, but I haven’t pressed “publish” because it feels like TMI and also because it might not be relevant. Even when the rest of my life is cooperating, I’m always going to be on the slower side compared to most writers in this genre.) I’m grateful for being visible on Goodreads, too. Even if it does make me look like I don’t have my act together. To be honest, I often don’t.

I promise Andrew and Lucy’s story will be out there soon. Just not quite that soon!

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So if your teenager goes and gets a tattoo without telling you, is the offense at all mitigated by the fact that it’s a literary tattoo?

tattoo, black cat w/red scarf


(I’m curious – were these books generally well known, or are they an obscurity particular to my family?)

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