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Dear Ms. Williams,

If there are any better fans in the world than yours – engaging, insightful, passionate, creative, and oh so gracious to a writer in a genre most of them probably never read – well, I defy the world to convince me of it.

Thanks for sharing a few of them with me this week.

– Cecilia

P.S. Also please thank your friend Kim. No idea who she is or how she could possibly have stumbled across my lightly trafficked blog, but I owe her :)

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And lucky for you I do, otherwise you’d now be subjected to a lengthy diatribe all about how what I don’t need to be doing right now is reading and re-reading a new story featuring In for a Penny characters when I should be writing!

Because trust me, I fritter away enough time re-reading In for a Penny itself.

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Meredith Duran, I have a deadline.  I’ll grant you have no reason to have been aware of this.  But Meredith Duran, I signed my name to a contract promising to deliver a full manuscript to my editor by a not-so-very-far-off date, and in addition to this I have certain Promotional Efforts on which to embark, and any day now I expect to be confronted with copy edits for my first book, and all in all, it is a most inconvenient time for me to contend with the outrageously alluring distraction of a brand-new book by you, Meredith Duran.

I went to the Barnes & Noble today on legitimate business, which took me legitimately into the heart of the Romance section, where I sent one careless glance to the D part of the New Releases shelves, just to assure myself that Wicked Becomes You was sold out and I couldn’t get a copy even if I wished.

It was not sold out.  There was one copy left.  One pristine copy and it was glowing, faintly, the way only the last-in-stock of something can do.

I have a Target Daily Word Count, Meredith Duran.  I have a spreadsheet that re-calculates that Target Daily Word Count based on actual figures that I input each day, and this spreadsheet strongly suggests I cannot afford to lose time right now to reading your book, re-reading the best parts, and then lying around in an unproductive funk as I contemplate the gulf between your writing ability and mine, while morosely consuming off-brand cheese curls.

But the fact is I blacked out at the Barnes & Noble, or something, and came to with Wicked Becomes You in my bag and on my receipt.  So perhaps you think you have had the better of me.

But listen, Meredith Duran:  I bought that book twelve hours ago and I have not yet so much as looked at the back-cover copy.  Do you know why?  Because I have locked it in my DESK.  My desk at WORK, Meredith Duran.  And that is just where it will stay, glowing faintly at me every time I open that drawer, until I feel I can give it the attention it demands without jeopardizing my deadline.

Which I expect will be right about the time you release your next book.

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