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How I spent my twitter vacation, part 1

Some family business took me to Cincinnati this month, and guess who I saw?


FIONAAAAA!  She’s underwater and my phone camera is pretty lousy, but I promise that murky object is her.

She’s still not on any kind of regular schedule for going outside, so it’s sort of hit-and-miss whether you’ll see her on the day you go. We got lucky.

Did Cecilia write today? Yes. I made some headway on the thing I’m calling Project Not On Brand.

Did Cecilia read today? Yes, The Lotus Palace by Jeannie Lin. I reeeeallly wish she would write some more Lotus Palace stories.

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FOUR is the number of 99-cent books by Amy Jo Cousins it took to get me to buy a full-price Amy Jo Cousins book.

I rarely buy full-price books. Which maybe is not something a published writer should admit to, but the discretionary/entertainment budget is meager these days (yay, homeownership) and I’m kind of zealous about thrift even in flusher times, and also interesting-looking books go on sale often enough (plus I’m a slow enough reader) that I can usually find something cheap that I want to read.

That’s meant to be context for this anecdotal data point. I’m sure some studies must exist somewhere, of the conversion rate for people who try an author at 99 cents, but here’s my experience anyway:


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Random bit of resonance

Woo-hoo, I remembered my WordPress login! It’s been a while :)

I’m more or less abstaining from twitter for a little bit, in part so I can re-jigger my brain’s balance between input and output. But I still get the impulse to share things, so for the time being I’m going to put those things here.

Today’s thing:

I heard an interview yesterday with the writer Kamila Shamsie about her book Home Fire, and it contained the following exchange:

Interviewer: What are you trying to say [with this book]?

KS: It’s not so much that I’m trying to say as I’m trying to explore and understand.

I liked that so much I wrote it down, and now I’m passing it along. The end.

Did Cecilia write today? Yes. A little.

Did Cecilia read today? Yes. I’m reading Acute Reactions by Ruby Lang and enjoying it quite a bit. Allergist heroine, restaurateur hero, Portland setting, lots of wonderful throwaway details (I’m still grinning over the image of the heroine’s office website).

I was going to include an Amz link to the book, but it turns out you can actually get all three books in the series for less than the cost of any one. So if you want to try it I’d say that’s the way to go.

Disabling comments because if you comment I’ll want to talk to you, and I’ll start using too much of my brain and time on figuring out what to say. I have very little brain to spare, & need to conserve it as best I can for the books I’m working on.

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